Artist Biography

Laura Hapka is an emerging artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her art is symbolic of personal interests, as well as specific events from her own life which provoked deliberate, meaningful contemplation.

Laura was born and raised on a potato farm in Northern Minnesota, where people valued hard work, self-sacrifice, and practicality. From a young age, she had creative talent and aspired to have a career as an artist, but that life choice was considered unwise and unfruitful by her family and friends. As a consequence, she pursued a field with an artistic aspect that would provide full time employment.

Laura studied Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design in Fargo, North Dakota, at North Dakota State University. After working for a brief period in Boston as a Landscape Architect she returned to North Dakota and earned her MBA in Marketing and Management at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. She moved to California in 2005 to pursue a job as a Construction Project Management.

In California, art became a necessity Laura could no longer live without. She took classes in painting and photography, visited museums and galleries around the world, attended art events, and learned from other well-known 2D artists.

In 2011, Laura made the decision to seriously pursue her passion for painting. Through years of experimentation with varied mediums, she developed and cultivated her own unique method of painting with acrylic and resin on wood panel, a method which she is pleased and honored to share with the world.